AKANLAR GIDA, along with activities it carries out in food sector acts with human value it adopts and its occupational health and safety policy, with the aim of creating required culture and awareness and its belief that all occupational accidents and diseases can be prevented, within its quest of taste to which it sets off with the slogan ‘reliability in taste, health and quality’. With this understanding and adoption, we keep up improving ourselves continuously and advance within this frame.
As Akanlar Gıda, we guarantee to;
*Comply with the legal regulations about Occupational Health and Safety in all our activities,
*Train and all of our employees and raise their awareness to ensure their health and safety,
*Ensure that our Employees, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Visitors comply with ISG rules created,
*Envisage and eliminate the potential occupational accidents and diseases that may occur as a result of the activities we carry out,
*Control our own risks and ensure that our employees can provide their own thoughts and statements in the ISG Committee meetings which was constituted to increase our performance in relation to this subject,
*Make technological investments for occupational health and safety or ensure the continuity of the investments in production machine, device and equipment purchases by taking Occupational health and safety priority in consideration,
*Ensure the participation of employees and suppliers in all processes and analysis and continuous improvement by taking the opinions of suppliers and visitors,
Accordingly, we guarantee that we will continue our activities by constant improvement to ensure a safe and healthy working environment in our company.